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Yukon Rules

A blend of two largely mechanical games, Klondike and Scorpion, Yukon affords surprising scope for skillful manipulation. Layout —Deal twenty-eight cards in seven pyramidal piles. (See Klondike, page 27 .) Then deal the remaining twenty-four cards in four overlapping rows upon the six piles other than the single card. (See diagram, page 54 .) Foundations —The four aces, as they become available, are to be placed in a row above the tableau and built in suit up to kings. Layout for Yukon Play —On the bottom card of a tableau column may be built a card of opposite color and next-lower in rank. Available for building is any card face up in the tableau, regardless of how deeply buried. Such card, together with all that cover it, may be picked up and moved as a unit. Aces may thus be built on deuces, but not kings on aces. An ace at the bottom of a column must be moved up to the foundation row. Whenever all the face-up cards are cleared off a pile, turn up the top face-down card, which then becomes available. Bottom cards of all columns are available for play on foundations, but none other than aces need be played up until the player chooses. A space by removal of an entire column may be filled only by a king. Any face-up king is available for this purpose, covering cards being moved as a unit. Helpful Hints —Get the face-down cards into play as quickly as possible. Play on foundations only to further this end. In building, try to keep foundations abreast in rank. To build one far ahead of the others may deprive the tableau of cards vitally needed for building.