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Ultimate Guide to Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers solitaire is a fantastic way to idle time by when you are looking for something to do that will be challenging. This game of solitaire functions a bit differently than the traditional solitaire games that folks are used to, like Golf or Pyramid. In this game, there is not the same rules as traditional solitaire. It is a delightful change of pace that serves to give the individual card player a much-needed break from the same old song and dance.

When learning how to play tri towers solitaire, the good news is the game takes nearly no time to learn. Each time the cards are shuffled, a different game is about to unfold. This is a fantastic way to spend some time on your own. Learning how to play tri towers solitaire is not only aesthetically pleasing (more on this later) but it requires a player to anticipate different moves and plan ahead. There is only one turn through the stock, so it is vitally important to make it count.

Thanks to computers, it is now easier than ever to play many card games, including tri towers solitaire. Simply log on to your favorite app or site and begin playing right away.

The Rules of Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri towers solitaire, also known as tri peaks solitaire, gets its name from how the game is set up on the tableau. The game itself may look a bit daunting, but the reality is playing this solitaire game is just as easy as the basic solitaire. The goal is to clear the tableau. This is a very simple thing to accomplish, yet the game itself is a slave to chance and strategy. The truth is that playing tri towers solitaire requires patience and the ability to look at the board for several moves ahead. But, before a discussion of strategy takes place, the first thing to do is discuss the rules.

The rules of this game are really quite simple. There will be three pyramids of cards set up. These pyramids look pretty cool, but they serve a purpose. The goal is to clear the tableau, which means every card should be in the waste pile. So, for those of you who know about building pyramids, this means working from the base to the top of the pyramid.

Setting up the pyramids is not very difficult. The first cards dealt are the top of the pyramids. They should have enough space to build out. Then the next row has two cards covering the bottom corners of the pyramid. After that, the third row has three cards per pyramid. The layout is the same. All of these cards are to be dealt face down.

After these face down cards are dealt, the next step is to place four cards at the base of each pyramid, but these cards will be face up. So, this means in total there will be thirty cards dealt. The remaining 22 cards will be face down. This is the stock, and this is where the game begins.

The goal is clearing the cards from the pyramids. Tri towers solitaire derives from golf solitaire. The goal is to clear the tableau before the stock runs out. The first step is to reveal the top card on the stock, then the key is matching the next card. The way that works is the color and suit doesn’t matter, all that matters is if the valuation on the card is one higher or one lower than the card. So, if the card revealed is a 5, the player can remove either a 6 or 4 from the board.

But that’s not all! After the player removes the 6 or 4, they can remove another card that is either higher or lower than the one removed until there are no plays. A sequence can go from 5 to 6 to 7 to 8 back down to 7 to 6 and up to 7 again if there are plays to be made on the board. Once there are no plays left, then another card is pulled from the stock.

Cards that are removed from the tableau go in the waste. The goal is getting everything off the tableau and into the waste before the stock runs out.

How to Play Tri Towers Solitaire

Playing tri towers solitaire may seem simple, but the thing it requires most is for players to really spend time evaluating the moves at play. Depending on the different cards revealed, there could be massive implications down the line. Ultimately, a player is most successful if he or she reveals the most number of cards in the least amount of time. There are a few tricks to achieve this.

The first thing to do as a player is to review the moves. Think of this as a flowchart. If you are to remove one card, what’s the next option, and the one after that? Going through these machinations allows the player to think strategically. Doing so will be a great benefit in the game. Once all moves are exhausted, the next step is getting the next card. Keep utilizing this pattern.

At some point, a player will be faced with a choice. There are different values to pulling cards off the tableau. The highest value cards are the cards facing up while residing atop two face down cards. Revealing two cards while subtracting one is a brilliant move. Next down the line is when revealing just one card. Finally, the least value is when a card is pulled but no new cards are revealed. As the game gets towards the end, the latter scenario happens less frequently.

Origins of Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers solitaire is a variation of the golf solitaire games. Those games are designed to clear cards off of the tableau. This game was developed in 1989, and at the time a statistical analysis was run, and it was found that 90% of all games are solvable. For players, this is great news! However, many folks who play tri towers solitaire find that a 90% success rate is awfully hard to replicate.

Since 1989, the game has been included on nearly every Windows software package. This is especially notable because Microsoft’s solitaire is one of the most popular programs in the history of computer gaming. Granted, the game itself is not very difficult, but turning it into something that can be useful on the computer is an achievement. These games have been a staple of every Windows program for nearly 30 years, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Tri Towers Solitaire Strategies

The most important thing for anyone who is playing tri towers solitaire is to review the tableau a few times before making their moves. The reality is things will appear right away and the antsy player will get in a pickle trying to make the first play. Instead, what should be done is carefully considering each move. Think of the game like a flow chart. Using that type of logic will help in the long run.

The next thing to think about is how to avoid going to the stock as much as possible. Getting the most out of every move involves unlocking the high yield cards first. These are cards that are sitting on top of two face down cards. If there is a chance to pull one of those cards, this should be done automatically. The two cards facing up will, more often than not, help the player clear the tableau that much faster. Doing so increases the odds of solving the game.

It is important for a player to understand the stock can only be gone through once. After the stock is used up, the game is over. If there are cards left on the tableau after the stock has been exhausted, the game is not solved. Therefore, it is important to consider each move before it is played. This is like checkers, in a sense. Try to work several moves ahead, and this will help increase the odds of success.

There is no reward for clearing out a tower first. The reality is players must understand as long as the tableau is cleared then the game is solved. Trying to work on a single tower at a time is a fool’s errand. It means that several cards in the stock that would be otherwise useful are passed up. Don’t succumb to the temptation to work in order. Instead, work from the bottom up and that will help clear the cards effectively.

Finally, there are some folks who play with house rules, like putting the cards in the stock back underneath if they have not been used. Of course, with playing cards, house rules can be applied. However, tri towers solitaire is such a simple game that using this type of house rule defeats the challenge of the game. This game works best when folks have to truly consider the implications of all their moves; it adds pressure to the game and the satisfaction found upon solving the towers.

Tri Towers Solitaire Terms

There is some terminology familiar to the folks who are well heeled in the different ways of solitaire. Knowing the lexicon of tri towers solitaire in relation to the other games only serves to help the novice player. Here are some terms every player should know:

  • Cells: Free cell is the most well-known cell game, and this refers to the card and the space it occupies

  • Fanned: Overlapped cards that have faces showing – this is not part of tri towers solitaire

  • Foundation: Aces are usually foundation cards as they are normally found at the bottom of the pile

  • Reserve: This is space on the tableau where cards are not allowed to be played

  • Squared: Cards are placed on top of each other, as with the stock

  • Stock: The face down undealt pile of cards

  • Tableau: The surface upon which the game is played

  • Waste: The cards that are played are sent to this area, they are no longer needed

In terms of building, there are simple terms, which is “by suit”, “by suit sequence”, “by color”, “by alternating color.” These terms are exactly as they sound.

Terminology for playing includes:

  • Available Cards: These are cards that can be played

  • Released Cards: Cards that were once blocked, but now aren’t

  • Suitable Cards: Cards that can be placed

  • Base Cards: Cards that are at the bottom of the base

Variations of Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers solitaire comes from the golf family of solitaire. These games involve the adding and pairing of cards. Some of the more famous games include:

  • Monte Carlo: The goal in this game is to remove pairs from the tableau

  • Golf: The goal for players is to arrive at the lowest number of points after nine deals

  • Baroness: Sort of a hybrid between pyramid games and the more traditional types

  • Pyramid: Removing all the cards to the foundation wins ths game

Tri Towers Solitaire FAQ

Here are some of the most asked questions about Tri Towers solitaire:

  • Are jokers used in Tri Towers solitaire?

If there are the tactile playing cards jokers can be useful, especially if a card is missing. However, for all intents and purposes the joker serves no purpose in this game.

  • Are there unsolvable games of Tri Towers solitaire?

Though a study was done saying 90% of the games are solvable, the practical reality is few people have a 90% success rate. This game is easy on the surface, but when digging into it, the strategy involved makes it more complex than it seems.

  • Can I remove cards from the waste?

No, once a card is placed into the waste it has outlived its usefulness. These cards can’t be reintroduced to solve the game.

Final Thoughts on Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri towers solitaire is the perfect way to spend a low-key afternoon. This game is easy to learn, so a great way to spend time with kids is teaching them how to play. The game encourages strategic thinking and allows you to just take time for yourself. Enjoy a game of tri towers solitaire on the computer or with the old school playing cards.