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The Fan Rules

The name is derived from the traditional way of placing the reserve—in a crescent above the rest of the layout. However, in this elaborate building game you may find your hands too full to bother with pictures! Layout —Count off twelve cards face down, square up the pile, and place it face up at the left to form the stock. To right of it deal a row of twelve cards, overlapping, to form the reserve or fan. Below the stock deal one card, the first foundation. The other foundations will go in a row beside the first. Below the space reserved for them, deal a row of four cards, forming the tableau. Layout for The Fan Foundations —The other seven cards of same rank as the first foundation are to be moved into the foundation row as they become available. All foundations are to be built in sequence, regardless of suits, until each pile contains thirteen cards. The player has the option, after inspecting the reserve, of electing to build up or down. His decision, which may be delayed until the first card is placed on a foundation, applies to all eight piles. Play —Available for play on foundations are the top card of the stock, the top card (right end of the fan) of the reserve, all cards of the tableau, the top card of the wastepile, and cards turned from the hand. A space in the tableau must be filled from the hand or wastepile. Wastepile —Turn up cards from the hand one at a time, placing unplayable cards face up on a single wastepile. Redeal —Two redeals are permitted.