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Scorpion Rules

Although largely mechanical, Scorpion is a highly colorful way of finding out if the chance of the deal has created any “crisscrosses.” Where none exist, you are bound to win. Layout —Deal a row of seven cards, four face down and three face up. Deal two more rows in the same way upon the first, the cards overlapping. Continue with four more overlapping rows, all cards face up. (See diagram.) The tableau thus comprises forty-nine cards. Place the remaining three cards aside, face down, as the reserve. Play —The card next-lower in suit may be placed upon the bottom card of a tableau column, except that nothing may be built upon an ace. Available for building is any card face up in the tableau, regardless of how deeply buried. Such card, together with all that cover it, may be picked up and moved as a unit. Whenever all the face-up cards are cleared off one of the first three columns, turn up the top face-down card, which then becomes available. Layout for Scorpion A space by removal of an entire column may be filled only by a king. Any face-up king is available for this purpose, covering cards being moved with it as a unit. The game is won if all four suits become assembled in descending sequence upon the kings. Reserve —When play comes to a standstill, deal the three reserve cards, one on the bottom of each of the first three columns. It is not obligatory to fill spaces before dealing the reserve. Continue play until it comes to a standstill, or the game is won.