Other Fun Solitaire Games!


Monte Carlo Rules

The shifting tableau makes a kaleidoscopic game, with some opportunity for skill. Layout —Deal five rows of five cards each, making a rectangular tableau. Play —Two cards of the same rank may be removed from the tableau if they are adjacent vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. (In the diagram, pairs which may be removed are 5’s, kings, aces, 10’s.) All are discarded. After all possible pairs are removed, remaining cards must be consolidated. Back them up, preserving order in which they were dealt, until tableau rows are solid from the top down. In the diagram, after removal of four pairs including ♠ 10 with ♥ 10, the consolidation will make the second row: ♠ 8, ♦ 2, ♠ Q, ♣ 7, ♥ J. If you tend to make errors in backing up, pick up the cards in the same order as dealt, left to right, and from top row down, then deal them again in solid rows of five. After consolidating, deal additional cards in regular order to fill out the tableau to five rows of five. Again remove adjacent pairs. Continue in the same way. The game is won if the entire pack is discarded by pairs. Helpful Hints —With choice of pairing, visualize the adjacencies that will result from the consolidation. In the diagram, pairing ♠ 10 with ♥ 10 stead of the ♣ 10, brings the ♥ J adjacent to the ♦ J.