Other Fun Solitaire Games!


La Belle Lucie Rules

A fascinating game that pays handsome dividends to intelligent planning. Equally absorbing, but much easier to win, are the two-pack variants, House on the Hill and House in the Wood. Layout —Deal the entire pack into seventeen fans of three cards each, with one card left over. (See diagram.) The simplest method of dealing is to count off three cards at a time from the top of the pack and turn them face up, overlapped. Foundations —The four aces, as they become available, are to be placed in a row and built up in suit to kings. Play —Only one card at a time may be moved from the top of a fan. Top cards are available for building on foundations, or building on each other down in suit. A space by removal of an entire fan is never filled. Redeal —Two redeals are permitted. To redeal, pick up all the cards exclusive of foundation piles and shuffle them thoroughly. Then deal again in fans of three, with any one or two odd cards at the end in a separate pile. Draw —After the last redeal, any one card below the top of a fan may be drawn out and used on foundations or fan builds.