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King Albert Rules

King Albert is a building game of a conventional type. Layout —Deal a row of nine cards. Deal a row of eight overlapping the first, omitting the first card. Add a row of seven, omitting the first two piles at the left. Continue in the same way with rows decreasing by one each time, so as to form nine columns of cards that increase from one to nine. (See diagram.) These forty-five cards form the tableau. Spread the remaining seven cards below the tableau to form the reserve. Foundations —The aces, as they become available, are to be placed in a row above the tableau and built up in suit to kings. Play —All reserve cards are available for building on foundations or tableau. The bottom card of each tableau column is available to be built on foundations or another tableau pile. Tableau piles may be built downward in alternating colors. A space in the tableau, by removal of an entire column, may be filled by any available card.