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Grandfather's Clock Rules

As in the case of the two-pack solitaire, Father Time, this one-pack variant has a pictorial layout. Foundations —Remove from the pack and place in a circle the following twelve cards: ♥ 2, ♠ 3, ♦ 4, ♣ 5, ♥ 6, ♠ 7, ♦ 8, ♣ 9, ♥ 10, ♠ J, ♦ Q, ♣ K. The cards should correspond to the hours on a clock, with the nine at twelve o’clock and the rest in sequence. Each foundation is to be built up in suit until it reaches the number appropriate to its position in the clock. Sequence is circular (ace after king). The 10, jack, queen, and king foundations will each require four cards, while the rest will require three. Layout —Deal the rest of the pack in five rows of eight cards each, the rows overlapping. This is the tableau. Play —The bottom cards of the tableau columns are available for building on the foundations and may also be built on each other downward, regardless of suit. A space by removal of an entire column may be filled by any available card.