Other Fun Solitaire Games!


Forty Thieves Rules

This game is probably the most widely known of two-pack solitaires. The original game is exasperatingly difficult to win. Many variations have been developed, designed to give the player a better chance. Layout —Deal four rows of ten cards each, each row overlapping the one above. This is the tableau. Foundations —The eight aces, as they become available, are to be moved to a row above the tableau and built up in suit to kings. Play —The bottom card of each column of the tableau is available to be played on foundations or built on other piles. Only one card may be moved at a time. Tableau cards may be built down in suit. A space made by removal of an entire pile may be filled by any available card from tableau, wastepile, or hand. Wastepile —Turn cards up from the hand one by one, placing unplayable cards face up on a single wastepile, which may be spread so that all cards can be read. The top card of the wastepile, as well as the card in hand, is available for play on foundations or tableau.