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Canfield Rules

This solitaire takes its name from a celebrated gaming house at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Layout —Count off thirteen cards face down from the pack, square them up, and place them face up at the left to form the stock. Deal one card above and to right of the stock for the first foundation. In a row to right of the stock deal four cards, forming the tableau. (See diagram.) Foundations —The other three cards of same rank as the first foundation are to be moved to the row with it as they become available. The foundations are to be built up in suit until each pile is thirteen cards. Play —Tableau cards may be built on each other downward in alternate colors. An entire pile must be moved as a unit in building. (Some players also allow one card at a time to be removed from the top of one pile to another.) Top cards of the piles are available to be played on foundations, but never into spaces. Spaces must be filled at once from the stock. Top card of the stock also is available to be played on foundations or built on tableau piles. After stock is exhausted, tableau spaces may be filled from wastepile or hand, and the player may keep them open until he wishes to use them. Wastepile —Turn cards up from the hand in groups of three, counted off without altering the order within the group. Place them face up on a single wastepile. The top card of this pile is available for play on foundations or tableau. Redealing by threes may be continued without limit until the game is won or comes to a standstill.