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Bisley Rules

Bisley is liberal in its rules on foundations, but the uselessness of spaces throws a heavy burden on the player’s skill and foresight in building. Foundations —Remove the four aces from the pack and place them in a row at the left. These foundations are to be built up in suit. The four kings, as they become available, are to be moved into a row above the aces and built down in suit. When all the cards of a suit have been built on the ace and king together, the two piles are put together. Layout —Deal nine cards in a row to right of the aces. Deal three more rows of thirteen cards each below the first. (See diagram.) The rows may be dealt overlapping, the aces being pushed up to be clear of the second row of the tableau. Play —The bottom cards of the tableau columns are available for play on foundations. They may also be built on each other in suit, up or down. A space by removal of an entire column is never filled.