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Aces Up Rules

Another variation of Klondike is easier to win because cards from the hand become available in groups, and fewer cards are buried in the layout. Layout —Deal a row of seven cards face down. Deal a second row face down upon the first. Then deal a row face up on the piles, making twenty-one cards in all. Foundations —The four aces, as they become available, are to be moved to a row above the tableau and built up in suit to kings. Tableau —The face-up cards on the tableau may be built down in alternating colors. The top card of each pile is always available. A group of cards on top of a pile, in correct sequence and alternation, may be moved in whole or in part. If all the face-up cards are removed from a pile, turn up the top face-down card, which then becomes available. Top cards of the piles are always available for play on foundations. Aces must be moved up as soon as available, but any higher card may be kept on the tableau for building purposes, if the player wishes. A space in the tableau, by removal of an entire pile, may be filled only by a king, or by a build with a king at the bottom. Hand —Whenever play comes to a standstill, deal seven more cards from the hand, one on each tableau pile. Tableau spaces need not be filled before the deal. The last three cards of the pack go on the first three piles.